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why we need a guidance system for the things we buy.

After the pandemic hit our world, as a writer my work shrunk a great deal. On one hand, I was getting increasingly worried about my parents, and on the other it was also about survival for myself and my son.

I convinced my parents to move in with me, even though it was an added responsibility. I was now more worried about their health, both mental and physical. We shifted to eating healthier, natural, fresher and of course local.

I had read about some brands resorting to adulteration. And given my lifestyle change, I had begun dedicating extra time to evaluate other alternatives. I realised that label communication gets quite technical. I was often confused because there was no singular way of knowing whether a certain product was high of nutrition or not? Am I using safe products? Am I eating healthy? How do I trust a new brand? Is it credible? Are they hygienic? Do they use environment friendly methods? As a seeker of convenience, I would really love some mechanism or system, wherein these questions get answered simplistically.

Priya Mehta’s concerns are echoed by scores of urban mothers who have been voicing them more actively now. And various platforms have emerged in alleviating these fears and concerns.

Consumers have been seeking answers to the above questions in many ways. There is a great need felt for credible ways that helps them gauge whether a brand is healthy, hygienic, and safe? Interestingly, many platforms have emerged which make these decisions easier. Here are some platforms that might help you choose a brand:

1. Made Safe

An American non-profit organisation committed to eco-system focussed certification, this multi-product platform evaluates and certifies products from baby care to household and more. It primarily scans the ingredients for their toxicity and comparing it against their proprietary database of ingredients. This database is a scientific compilation of ingredients across internationally recognised organisations and agencies.

2. Health Star

Food Safety and Standards Association of India (FSSAI) has recently introduced “Health Star’, a front of pack labelling system (FoPL) which helps consumers make healthy food choices. Based on the nutritional profiling of the packaged food, FSSAI would be assigning ratings from half a star to 5 stars. Yet to be implemented, this system will help consumers make informed food choices.

3. Good on You

We are what we wear. And Good on You is all about looking good and doing good. The fashion industry is known to cause more harm to the environment than others. Complying with United Nations Sustainability Development Goal (UN SDGs) 12, and guided by its principles, Good on You rates all kinds of apparels and rates them from ‘We avoid’ to ‘It’s a Start’ to ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ on counts of ratings given on Planet, People and Animals.

4. Goodness Meter

While FSSAI’s Health Star is still underway, we at Goodness Meter have felt an urgent need from mothers like Priya Mehta across the country. Through independent profiling of packaged foods by an expert panel of professionals, we at Goodness Meter profile foods based on Nutrition, Food Safety and Ingredients.

Meet our expert panelists here to know more.

A front of pack labelling system is a need of the hour. As consumers are more and more time pressed, we believe that Goodness Meter will go a long way in empowering the consumers of India in making good food choices.

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